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Slow Cooker Roast Pork Recipes

slow cooker roast pork recipes

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Pork Stew in Cider

Pork Stew in Cider

From Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook

I made this more-or-less as described with some minor mods. Quantities are different because my pork roast was larger than specified

1 walla-walla onion rough chopped
1 gravenstein apple (or another tart apple) rough chopped
2.5 lbs of pork roast cut into 1” cubes
about 12 baby potatoes cut into 1" cubes
2 bottles of hard cider
Bunch of fresh sage
1tsp salt
Fresh ground pepper

Served with:
Short grain brown rice
Fresh quartered cherry tomatoes
Greek yogurt (about 1tbs per bowl)

Basically, you throw the top list in your slow cooker, set it to high for half an hour and then cook it on low for as long as you can (7-9 hours is recommended). I stirred it twice in the process.

Straight out of the pot, the stew is fine, very mild and not sweet which is good. I found it rather bland, though, so I added all the extras listed (only noodles or long grain rice are recommended in the recipe).

If I redo this, I’ll brown the pork first which I think will add a little more flavor and give a bit more color to the stew. I’d like to also try the optional water chestnuts and I think I’ll add tomatoes to the stew before the cooking starts as I think they add a little needed tanginess.

pork, broccoli, red potatoes, and carrots

pork, broccoli, red potatoes, and carrots

pork shoulder with mustard and rosemary sauce (made in my crock pot), broccoli sauteed with soy sauce, brown sugar, and almonds, and, my favorite part: roasted garlic red potatoes (carrots were in the slow cooker with the pork). the recipe for the pork was from the joy of cooking. it was all really freakin' good.

slow cooker roast pork recipes

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